Moodboard: Cozy Guest Room

When Bryan and I first started talking about living together there was a potential of us staying at his place. It was just him and his roommate in a 3 bedroom that was ridiculously cheap. That obviously wasn’t what happened but I couldn’t help daydreaming about having 2 whole extra rooms in LA. One room would be an office of course but the second room meant that we could have a dedicated guest room. Bryan’s parents visit every once in a while and I feel like we have people sleeping on the couch often. I loved the idea of a cozy little oasis for our guests.  Even though that daydream was short lived, I threw together a little moodboard.

Guest Room_Moodboard_Radmaker

I wanted a room that was light, bright and cozy. I think I was very over living in Bryan’s room so I really went heavy on the feminine styling. This direction is too girly for our room now, and maybe to much for a guest room but I think this design would be so cozy and relaxing. I daydream about being wrapped up in that luxurious knitted blanket.

Since our place is just a two bedroom, there is no guest room to design this time around.  We’re planning on throwing a sleeper sofa in the office and calling it a day. Even though we don’t have a dedicated room, I still hope I can provide a bit of this coziness for our guests.

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