Moodboard: Cozy Guest Room

When Bryan and I first started talking about living together there was a potential of us staying at his place. It was just him and his roommate in a 3 bedroom that was ridiculously cheap. That obviously wasn’t what happened but I couldn’t help daydreaming about having 2 whole extra rooms in LA. One room would be an office of course but the second room meant that we could have a dedicated guest room. Bryan’s parents visit every once in a while and I feel like we have people sleeping on the couch often. I loved the idea of a cozy little oasis for our guests.  Even though that daydream was short lived, I threw together a little moodboard.

Guest Room_Moodboard_Radmaker

I wanted a room that was light, bright and cozy. I think I was very over living in Bryan’s room so I really went heavy on the feminine styling. This direction is too girly for our room now, and maybe to much for a guest room but I think this design would be so cozy and relaxing. I daydream about being wrapped up in that luxurious knitted blanket.

Since our place is just a two bedroom, there is no guest room to design this time around.  We’re planning on throwing a sleeper sofa in the office and calling it a day. Even though we don’t have a dedicated room, I still hope I can provide a bit of this coziness for our guests.

5 Dining Room Combinations

Now that we’ve started moving in, I’m starting to do research for the best part: buying furniture! Lets be honest, I’ve been online window shopping since I moved in with Bryan but now I know where its going! I did build a dining table and bench with storage at my other place, but because it was custom (and way to big) I left it with my roommates. Bryan barely has any furniture so a dining room table is at the top of list for house purchases.
I’ve thrown together 5 dining room combinations that are not only table and chairs but include the rug too. We have hardwood floors but even if you have carpet, a rug can really ground the dining area and define the space. It can even add a nice pop of color. Bryans’s favorite is Option #1 and I’m really leaning toward that (especially price wise) but I’m also liking #2 and #4. I’m also obsessed with #3 chairs. They do make barstool versions so maybe thats how I get those babies in the house. You always need some leather for masculinity and warmth right?
Let me know what version is your favorite or which one you think I should go with!


Option #1

Dining Room Combinations

Table: $400  // Chair: $73   // Rug: $133

Option #2

Dining Room Combinations

Table:  $499  // Chair:  $71  // Rug:  $129


Option #3
Dining Room Combinations

Table:  $699  // Chair:  $249  // Rug:  $549


Option #4

Dining Room Combinations


Option #5

Table:  $699  // Chair:  $68  // Rug:  $180
Dining Room Combinations

Table:  $279  // Chair:  $395   // Rug:  $287




We’re Moving!

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Our cute new place!

I feel very silly having started this blog in hopes of documenting my design and DIY efforts on my Hartsook house, but life happened. I did do a couple DIY’s (i made the living room benches and table!) but I didn’t get a chance to document and develop that home the way I was hoping. Honestly, I basically was living at Bryan’s place and that house was just my closet/ storage unit. So in April I moved in with Bryan,  with the goal of eventually moving out and getting our own place.  We searched for a bit and found our home! We have signed the lease and are so excited to start this new chapter.
We are moving in soon but first, the landlord is redoing the bathroom (YAS!!) and the kitchen counters!! When asked what his plans were, he spoke the magic words “White tile everywhere.”  I’m in love. What really sold us though was the previous tenant. He was there when we were looking at the place. He wanted to walk us out, just to say what an awesome guy the landlord was. He said that he had planned on living there for a year and ended up staying for 7! A great landlord, a great location, a great layout  a like new bathroom, and a backyard are all things I’m looking forward to and have so many ideas I’m excited to share.
With that, Bryan is incredibly supportive of my interior design interests. He totally allows me to take the lead but speaks up when he has an opinion and it always has great reasoning behind it.  I couldn’t be more elated to get to make this wonderful place a home with Bryan.