Inspiration: Dining Room Seating

Dining Room Bench Seating | Rad Maker

Because the rooms in our house are a bit small and compartmentalized, we want to make it feel as open as possible for us and for guests. The dining room is our access to the kitchen (with Nick’s room) and the hallway to the 2 other rooms and the bathroom so we wanted to leave that space a little more open as the center hub. I know it’s traditional to have a table in the middle and just walk around it (thats where the ceiling fixture hangs) but I was already getting annoyed with our smaller round table, and we all discussed wanting a bigger table for hosting.

So for the Dining room seating I’m looking to put a banquette all the way around the corner under the window. I know this is common in breakfast nook seating situations but I like how it allows for a big table but keeps the space relatively open. 

Here is some inspiration:

Dining Room Bench Seating | Rad Maker Dining Room Bench Seating | Rad Maker Dining Room Bench Seating | Rad Maker Dining Room Bench Seating | Rad Maker


Since this has to fit within a custom space, the seating (and the table!) are going to be custom DIY’s.

I’m still debating on the design of the banquette. I was originally just going to do open benches, so you can tuck your feet underneath (similar to the last picture). But since this place is a rental, I’d rather not screw into the walls if possible…… so box it is!

With a box-type of bench there’s still a few options with that route. paint or not paint. simple or detailed. storage or no storage.

Even though I love the look of raw plywood, we have wood floors and I really want to bring color into this space. I see a lot of white but at the moment, I’m planing on painting the table white so I’m thinking of a dark blue gray for the benches. Then possibly a heather gray for the cushions?

Adding some molding detail is another thing I’m debating on. I like simple boxes. They are cheaper, and I don’t absolutely need a brad gun. But it does look quite nice, and fancy.

For storage I think I’m gonna go for it. We desperately need storage, we have one measly closet and although we have what looks like a lot of kitchen cabinets, they are really odd shapes so they don’t fit a lot of things. Also one of the pantries is 3′ tall with 1 shelf? Who does that? Another project on the To Do list. I think just a hinged lid is the extent I’m going to go to add storage. I did see some other examples where people had pull out drawers on the ends that I got excited about but I think its too expensive for a non-permanent structure.

What do you guys think? storage vs. non-storage? molding vs simple box?